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November 17th, 2015 - これ、それ、あれ — LiveJournal
This & That

Date: 2015-11-17 23:44
Subject: Woah...
Security: Public
I'd have to say I'm rather surprised that LJ is still around~ (a pleasant surprise, mind you)

... I'm even more surprised that I remember my password, haha!

So much has changed over the years for me... it's pretty surreal reading my old posts; I remember the events they mention, but by and large I've forgotten most of the details. It's almost like I'm reading another person's story~ an old friend's, perhaps. It strikes me as odd how... articulate... my old posts seemed! Maybe I've grown to be a bit less bubbly as I've aged and the world's lost a bit of it's wonder. Hmm~

It's too bad the image host I used back then has either died or purged my ancient files~ would've loved to take a strole down memory lane in all its hazy glory~

Kind of curious though... any of you guys still around? XD
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