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BP, oil, etc.

As I was reading the umpteenth article about the oil rig that exploded and is now spewing forth thousands upon thousands of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico every day, a stray thought occurred to me.

BP says that they've spent a billion dollars in efforts to contain the spill, but is apparently only marginally successful at it.

Why is that, I wonder. Because a $200 million slab of solid metal dropped on top of the blown well would obviously stop it flat. But no, they don't do that. Instead they spend (relatively speaking) chump change hiring fishermen to help clean up the spilled oil and spray toxic dispersants despite being told not to (oil that breaks up and sinks into the water is out of sight... and therefore out of mind, I guess?) all while working on half-assed contraptions to try and capture the leaking oil.

This is when something clicked for me. They don't want to seal off the well that's spilling oil into the ocean. No, doing that would make netting any crude oil (money!) out of that well neigh impossible with the public outrage and the other misc. pressures from various government agencies.

So they putz around with these half-assed measures to preserve and control the well while sucking up some crude in what is probably the messiest manner any underwater drilling has ever been conducted... and we're letting them.

I don't suppose the whole civil fine idea has ever crossed their mind... the one with the $1100 - $4300 per barrel of spilled oil in US federal waters? Its time to stop pussyfooting around with these little toys their engineers dream up and go for the over-kill surefire stopping methods.
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Romeo & Juliet meets Anime. まじ?!

I had a post about what I felt about classical literature and anime and how I had hoped that this particular title would be a potentially interesting remake of a classical piece of literature in anime format.

But I watched an episode of it... and there were just way too many liberties taken :| Its just loosely based upon the original work by Shakespeare.

Winged chimera steeds, crossdressing, and I think some Zoro/musketeer action going on.

Might be amusing, but not much more than any other romance title. Boo :|



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